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Hands On Problem Solving for Small Business


Executing Solutions



Experienced Support for Growing Companies, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

From ​Revenue Generation to Managing Resources

If you need an experienced business person to help you carry the load in sales and marketing, strategic planning and market research but you are careful with your money, West 34th has a solution for you. 


West 34th provides short and long term solutions for:

  • Start-ups that need a boost bringing their solutions to market

  • Companies who are rolling out a new product

  • Mature companies who have reached a plateau and want to grow

  • Entrepreneurs who need a trusted person to help them promote their company


We are flexible, scalable, and we work within your budget.

Dip Your Toe In the Ocean of Social Marketing for Small Business

Get Noticed and Grow Your Network

Professionals who want to build their visibility on LinkedIn need to create consistent posts and new content.  But most business people are too busy to post every day on LinkedIn.

West 34th has a solution.  For $30 per post we do it for you.

  • Posts will be relevant to your target market

  • Posts will include personalized introductions targeted to your prospects

  • Posts will NOT be re-posts of articles without introductions

If you are ready to take your LinkedIn presence to a higher level, we offer our LinkedIn Network Builder.

The LinkedIn Network Builder is designed to increase visibility, grow your network, and create warm leads and partnerships.

Our strategy includes:

  • Sharing Content (Posts)

  • Interacting with People & Content

  • Making New Connections



Stay In Front Of People
With A Monthly Newsletter

Newsletters keep you on peoples' minds.  They remind your colleagues and referral partners that you are still providing solutions.  Newsletters impart your message and valuable industry information in an easily accessible format.  Newsletters are friendly and fun. 

Newsletters can also be posted to LinkedIn and shared on many other social platforms.  Newsletters can also be posted to your website to keep your content fresh and your website's rankings higher.

The West 34th StartUp for Start-Ups

You Are Aiming High.  Get There.

West 34th offers an easy path from your idea to your company's launch.

Six Steps To Launch

  1. Design Your Brand (Logo, Colors, Images)

  2. Define Your Message

  3. Establish Your Corporation

  4. Set Up QuickBooks

  5. Design & Launch Your Website

  6. Go Social

With a price that will make you smile, the West 34th StartUp for Start-Ups is built for entrepreneurs who are ready to get going and want a little jump start.

Start Up

West 34th brings clients and their prospects closer together. They broker relationships by leveraging technology and do the work with panache, good humor, and sensitivity to the respective needs of the client.  They get things done and create win-win solutions.

Bryce Gartrell, Partner at The Gartrell Group


Founded on Innovation

Enterprise Solutions for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

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West 34th Solutions  |  Houston TX

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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Lance Setliff

Your Challenge. The W34 Solution.

Building on a successful career in management consulting and technology sales, Lance Setliff launched West 34th in 2005 to address the critical need for executive level execution for small businesses. 


Many small businesses need enterprise professionals but cannot afford the compensation required to recruit and retain that caliber of employee.  Combined with the fact that many business consulting firms provide lots of advice but no actual hands-on work, the need was clear for a new paradigm. 


Lance has helped companies increase their revenue, manage their cash flow, and focus on profitability. 


Lance's ground-breaking business model has empowered West 34th’s clients to take advantage of top-flight professionals without breaking the bank or repeatedly hiring, training, and then losing their top people.

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